Jalyn Homes


First, we build your house on paper. We take you from owning a lot to preliminary drawings to permits and the contract. Generally speaking, pre-construction takes about two months.

The Lot: The important first step. Even if you have a house design, the lot impacts construction in many ways—how to best capture a view, create privacy, accommodate landscaping, manage water runoff, to name a few.

Design Development: The end result of this phase is preliminary architectural drawings. We can introduce you to a local designer or work with yours. After a 3- to 4-hour “programming” meeting, the designer creates the preliminary drawings for your approval.

  • Pre-Estimate: With the specs you also receive a preliminary estimate. The pre-estimate is based on costs of similar completed projects. We can work with your budget and suggest money-saving value engineering/material substitution options, etc.
  • Final Drawings: You have approved the preliminary drawings and estimate. The designer now generates the ¼-inch scale “working” drawings.
  • Specifications: Generated from our meetings and subcontractor input, the “specs” detail any information not called out in the drawings. Approximately eight pages in length, spec examples would be siding materials, attic access, solid core interior doors, water line installation, driveway culvert, etc.
  • Shopping: You will spend a minimum of two days shopping with Steve for the elements you can see and touch, such as appliances, cabinets, carpet, hard surfaces, and electrical and plumbing fixtures.
  • Permits/Financing: With the working drawings, Jalyn Homes will apply for the county building permit, help you obtain financing, and submit your plans to the architectural review committee, if necessary.
  • Contract Proposal: The contract proposal defines how your home will be constructed and for what price. It includes and expands upon the specs by further outlining Jalyn Homes’ responsibilities.
  • Contract: All the relevant pieces generated during pre-construction are incorporated into the contract, formalizing the agreement between you and Jalyn Homes.
  • Construction Kickoff Meeting: Finally, the Construction Kick Off Meeting takes place with you and all the members of the Jalyn Homes Team at a time convenient to all. At that meeting, we will cover the following:
    • Review of the Site Plan
    • Review of the Plans and Specifications
    • Review the Allowances
    • Review the Construction Schedule
    • Schedule the first Selection meeting
    • Answer questions