Jalyn Homes


The post-construction phase begins when the house is complete and before you move in. This phase is where Jalyn Homes has truly flourished. We will come back; we will fix our mistakes; we will stand by our work. We want your enduring satisfaction.

  • Walk-Through: In the “walk-through,” Steve carefully examines your home with you. He will orient you to the house; educate you about maintenance expectations; and provide you with warranty information that includes a list of subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers’ product information. Steve will reduce any noted repair requests to a “punchlist,” which can be completed prior to move-in.
  • Customer Service: Future service request items will be coordinated with the appropriate subcontractor/supplier. The same holds true as time goes on; we will address your problems to complete resolution.

Reporting Procedures

All service requests should be put in writing.

Sixty-Day Report

In order for our service program to operate at maximum efficiency and for your own convenience, we suggest that you wait 60 days before submitting any warranty list. This allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home and to thoroughly examine all components.

Year-End Report

Near the end of the eleventh month of your materials and workmanship warranty, you should submit a year-end report. We will also be happy to discuss any maintenance questions you may have at that time. Steve will schedule a one-year walk-through with you at your home to discuss your year-end report.

If you have any questions about the three phases of the construction process, please feel free to call. We are happy to answer questions and explain any aspect of homebuilding.