Jalyn Homes

Design-Build Concept

The key to our success is teamwork. We include the owner, designer and Project Manager along with other subcontractors in the planning stages. It has become a hallmark of Jalyn Homes to initiate trust during the planning stages so that a constructive working relationship is earned and is lasting.

Project Specifications: The teamwork approach allows for sharing of ideas. The ideas are then molded into a preliminary design and are used to develop project specifications which will be used to develop a real estimate.

Shorter Design and Construction Process: Communication that begins during the design phase molds into the estimating phase and continues through construction allows for the project to start sooner and complete faster.

Happy Owner: The owner walks away happy and satisfied because they were involved in every step of the process from design to material selection to final punch out.

Project Management includes:

  • Site planning
  • Design strategy
  • Cost estimating
  • Building permit process
  • Negotiation and Contracting
  • Construction Observation
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Management of Trade Contractors
  • Progress Payment Process
  • Punch List
  • Close Out and Occupancy